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02 Aug Vastu tips for money
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Vastu shastra Tips for FinanceAdd uniqueness to your front door to attract wealth inside. You can do this by painting it in a color that is different from the adjoining walls.Use blue  and green colors in the northern zone.Place a moving water source such as fountain in North-East to ensure consiste..
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We all care about our homes and spend time, effort and money, trying to make them more comfortable. Once the house is constructed, it's not so easy to make the structural changes. Here are some of the remedies suggested that you can do yourself to remove the Vastu dosha and bring prosperity in life...
25 Dec vastu tips for sleeping position
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As per Vastu, there are a few directions that are good for you, and at least one that must be avoided at all cost. The headboard of your bed must be in the south or west direction in the master bedroom. This ensures that your toes point towards the north or the east while sleeping.The south is the b..
23 Dec What is Vastu Shastra?
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Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture which literally translates to "science of architecture. Vastu Shastras incorporate traditional Hindu and in some cases Buddhist beliefs. The designs are intended to integrate architecture with nature. Vastu is the science of directions that..
28 Mar Feng Shui Tips Before Buying a New House
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Good feng shui means good energy and people are always attracted to it! This will help you with the house sale in the future. Good feng shui also means good health, happiness, and prosperity.Be sure your house receives good energy from its surroundings—a clean street, good neighbors, no negative ene..
28 Mar Use Feng Shui Health Tips For Better Health And More Energy
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Applying feng shui for health tips should always be done by priorities, as you need to create a good foundation for more advanced feng shui cures to really work. If you skip the basic feng shui for health steps, you might as well not bother with deeper feng shui levels.Here are the 3 absolute feng s..
23 Mar Use Camphor To Make Positive Energy Flow Around You
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Camphor or Kapur is widely known for its excellent healing properties. Camphor purifies the air and has the ability to destroy the negative elements in the atmosphere.Here are some ways you could use camphor as a Vastu remedy:To bring positive energy and peace in the house, burn the camphor every mo..
23 Mar The Right Plant Brings Luck and Money
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Any vibrant, lush, healthy plant with flowing, soft energy will bring you an abundant quality of energy because it replicates nature. And nature is the mother of all abundance. Growing the plant as per Vastu Shastra will allow you to gain the maximum benefits. Otherwise, it will bring financial loss..
19 Mar Vastu Shastra Tips for Cash Box
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The Cash box should be placed in the North direction as it is the direction of Lord Kuber (God of Wealth and riches). The second best position can be East or North-East direction.It should be placed such that it is not visible from the main door, bathroom, toilet or storeroom.Improve Fertility Energ..
19 Mar Water Fountain: Wealth & Abundance Magnet
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Make sure the water’s flowing towards the house.Placing in the East is best for health.For excelling in career place the fountain in North.The fountain must always be flowing & not still (except for times of maintenance)Water should flow freely without obstacles.Avoid fountains under the bedroom. Sl..
19 Mar Commercial Vastu
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Choosing, selecting and building a commercial building or site according to Vastu Shastra principles can greatly help in creating an environment for the workers at the commercial site that is positive.It the builder keeps in mind certain Vastu principal for his commercial site, his shops/offices wou..
19 Mar Residential Vastu
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A residence is the primary requirement of every human being. However, the comfort of a Residence can only be felt if we are close to nature and as a result, closer to Vastu Shastra. The sun, air, and water are the main elements that affect the Vastu of any residence.The home or the lining abode is o..
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