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Energised Crystal Ball
New -43 %
Crystal Ball (Energised) for Overcoming ObstaclesThere are may benefits of crystal ball, the main function of this beautiful ball is to bring positive energy into your home as well as commercials establishments like hotels, factories, offices, etc. The crystal ball is also useful if you are sufferin..
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For love and bonding healing Zibu coin
New -29 %
Zibu Symbols is an ancient healing language expressed as symbols. These graceful symbols are available to assist you in your daily life. These symbols have many benefits which may be received simply by viewing or drawing them. You are invited to see which symbol resonates with you and how you are in..
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Facing a delay in marriage or an unhappy married life? Follow our exclusive Vastu remedies for marriage & happy married life & feel the change. As per Vastu Shastra, certain defects in a home leads to delay in marriage, clashes among husband and wife after marriage, separation and even divor..
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Gomed/ Hessonite
New -18 %
Gomed removes confusion and provides mental clarity and a balanced temperament. Rahu periods are often accompanied by confusion, disillusionment and lack of confidence. Gomed stone removes these symptoms and provides relief.Gomed removes confusion and provides mental clarity and a balanced temperame..
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Gomti Chakra Orgonite Pyramid
-36 %
Uses:- Meditation, Fengshui, Paperweight, Healing, Vastu CorrectionOne of the most effective Stones for healing. Also, excellent stone for diplomats, negotiators, and business people. It is used for all types of severe pain, anger, fear, and anxiety. Inspire and encourage meditation, selfless giving..
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Green aventurine angel for money
New -44 %
Green aventurine is believed to help bring in good fortune, money, abundance, and overall happiness.Green Aventurine is also popularly known as the “stone of opportunity”. Its name originates from the Italian word “Ventura”, meaning”fortune”, as it is said green aventurine emits positive, lucky ener..
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Green Aventurine Hematite Combination Bracelet Adjustable Unisex Bracelet
New -36 %
Protection Bracelet】 For many years people have believed green aventurine have the ability to bring prosperity, wealth, and abundance. It is considered a powerful lucky charm, personal growth, and new opportunities. Good for manifesting prosperity, career success, and abundance. Beneficial for those..
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Green Jade Crystal Stone Money Switch Word & Zibu Symbol For Prosperity and To Attract Money
-33 %
ABUNDANCE NUMBER CABOCHON: Natural Green Jade Crystal healing stone with Switch word healing Nos. Switch word Healing or Angel Nos. 808 520 741 to attract Money, attract income and solve court problems. Breakthrough negative financial habits with Money Switch Word. It removes energy blockages to eli..
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Huge Laughing Buddha
New -31 %
The Laughing Buddha will bless your home with happiness The Laughing Buddha is believed to bring happiness and abundance wherever it is kept. As such often you would find it positioned in many a home, restaurants and also at a place of work.The Buddha is always seen as smiling. Hence the name Laughi..
₹5,500.00 ₹8,000.00
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Kamdhenu Cow with Calf
New -42 %
Product description, along with any other tab can be displayed as tabs, accordion or all-visible blocks in grid format or one under the other.  You can mix and match tabs and blocks in any order and any position. Each tab can also be set up as a link and point to other pages or open popup modul..
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Lava Bracelet Certified Lava Crystal Stone Bracelet Unisex Bracelet
New -29 %
Lava stones and lava bracelets can help in absorbing and enhancing positive energies in the body. Adding to their positivity, these ancient energy-filled black stones are always connected to grounding and give the wearer protection from negative energies. Since lava is known for its grounding qualit..
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Lazuli Orgone Pyramid
-41 %
This stone helps one reclaim their power, or step into their power in order to take on a new mission or powerful leadership position. Lapis is connected to the third eye chakra and helps with vision, clarity, and enhances one’s clairvoyance (ability to see into the future). It attracts recognition, ..
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