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Original Rudraksh Mala
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Rudraksha mala for men and women for daily wear or Japa of mantras. This rudraksha mala can be used by both men and women. This panchmukhi mala helps to maintain health by keeping one's mind calm and composed. It also removes anxiety and depression and makes the person positive and motivated and enh..
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Rakt gunja mala is weared for attraction, wealth and financial benefits as it is one of the main puja article related to Goddess Mahalaxmi.Best used for meditation and concentration purpose. Increase once own wealth and savings.Red Rosary Pea Goddess, Lakshmi Chirmi Beads, Recommended For Businessme..
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Sphatik / Natural Crystal Mala
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The gem sphatic has the quality to be able to remain cooler than the room temperature. This is worn to make a person remain cool under stress. This gem awakens the healing powers and gives extra sensory powers to the wearer.The gem sphatic has the quality to be able to remain cooler than the room te..
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Tiger Eye Mala
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Tiger eye is a powerful natural gemstone and is beneficial to bring focus in mind. It also improves the stamina and re-energizes the senses, making it useful forReiki healing, crystal healing, numerology, tarot, astrology and Feng Shui. It comes in a stretchable elastic handmade bracelet that is eas..
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