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Ashoka Pillar
New -57 %
The Ashoka Pillar (Energised) is an important figure in history. Through the science of Vastu Shastra, it has more positive implications like success, government support, recognition, etc.Benefits of the Ashoka PillarAshoka pillar can guarantee government support. It yields result in promotion and r..
₹650.00 ₹1,500.00
Ex Tax:₹650.00
Aura booster
-33 %
Energy Box is used to increase the positivity of a person.It is used to increase Aura of a person. It should be used to balance the Chakra/Kundalini. It wades off Negative Energies protection negative rays from mobile(Black Magic/IR/PY/BY.etc). AURA BOOSTER has come to boost your Human body Aura , C..
₹666.00 ₹999.00
Ex Tax:₹666.00
Auspicious Metal Sun
-27 %
The Sun is a symbol of power and authority. It bestows name, fame, and progress. The Sun is the ruling planet of the solar system and represents authority. The Sun also helps one to build lasting relationships with powerful and influential people.The Energized Metal Sun available on
₹549.00 ₹750.00
Ex Tax:₹549.00
Shri Yantra gives wealth, inner strength and fulfills desires. It is the most powerful yantra that attracts wealth and fortune in the life of the holder. It has been established in the Tirupati Balaji temple in South India.It has the power to fulfill the wishes of every person and to change lives in..
Ex Tax:₹1,399.00
Crystal Lotus Energised
-39 %
According to Vastu Shastra principles, the energized Crystal Lotus brings growth, love, good, the energized Crystal Lotus brings growth, love, good fortune, amongst other positive results. This Lotus is placed in different places for different reasons according to the science of Vastu Shastra.Benefi..
₹824.00 ₹1,350.00
Ex Tax:₹824.00
Energised Crystal Ball
New -43 %
Crystal Ball (Energised) for Overcoming ObstaclesThere are may benefits of crystal ball, the main function of this beautiful ball is to bring positive energy into your home as well as commercials establishments like hotels, factories, offices, etc. The crystal ball is also useful if you are sufferin..
₹1,299.00 ₹2,299.00
Ex Tax:₹1,299.00
Kamdhenu Cow with Calf
New -42 %
Product description, along with any other tab can be displayed as tabs, accordion or all-visible blocks in grid format or one under the other.  You can mix and match tabs and blocks in any order and any position. Each tab can also be set up as a link and point to other pages or open popup modul..
₹750.00 ₹1,300.00
Ex Tax:₹750.00
The elephant is a symbol of wisdom and strength when its trunk is facing upwards. It is a symbol of mental strength and is capable of achieving any goal using its focused power.The elephant helps to activate our strength, courage, vigor and harmony. Additionally, when you purchase from vastumiracles..
Ex Tax:₹1,050.00
Metal Horse - Energised
New -42 %
Horses throughout our history and even in the present times are known for their power, stamina & energy level and are a symbol of graceful victory. This is the underlying principle of horses in Vastu and Feng Shui which make them a symbol of power and thereby success.Horses either in the form of..
₹899.00 ₹1,550.00
Ex Tax:₹899.00
Metal Lion - Energised
New Top Brand -40 %
Brand: NY Fashion
As the king of the animal world, the lion stands for battle and power.In Western culture, the lion stands for fire, the sun, and gold.When kings and people of authority wanted to display their wealth, power, and prestige to the outside world, they would place sculptures of lions at the entrances to ..
₹1,050.00 ₹1,750.00
Ex Tax:₹1,050.00
Metal Pyramid
-28 %
Pyramids have long been considered and used as a symbol for harmonizing the mind, body, and environment. It is a sign of health, happiness, and prosperity. It is recommended to be placed in both workplaces as well as home.The science of Vastu Shastra states that the properties of the energized Metal..
₹355.00 ₹490.00
Ex Tax:₹355.00
Naag mani kachua For Goodluck
New -31 %
 The Turtoise or the Kachua represents the maximum age and longevity, stability, determination and will power. Tortoise Is Important In Both Vastu Shastra And In Feng Shui. As Tortoise Is Gifted With Long Life Therefore In Vastu Shastra And In Feng Shui It Gives Long Life. As In Hindu Puranas, ..
₹899.00 ₹1,299.00
Ex Tax:₹899.00
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